Who, What, Where

Where are the dresses from?

The dresses are sourced internationally from renowned designers and labels and are guaranteed authentic.

How often do you get new arrivals?

We aim to update our selection of dresses approximately every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes there may be a time lag between receiving new stocks and posting them online. So do drop us a line if you’d like to find out of any new and upcoming stocks that we may have.

I heard that you offer makeup and hair services. What are the fees and how do i make an appointment?

In addition to dress rentals, we also offer hair and makeup services to get you ready for that special day out! Just email us at info@plushporter.com to make an appointment with our professional stylist.

Promotional Fee : RM180 (Hair & makeup only)

How can i find out on new arrivals and promotions?

Subscribe to our newsletter at www.plushporter.com and follow us on instagram @plushporter for latest updates on new arrivals, promotions and events.

Sizing & Fit

How do i know if the size fits? Can i try the sizes?

Yes! Head on over to our gallery at 176 Avenue (opposite bsc) anytime from Monday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm to try on our variety of dresses at no cost at all!

Or you can opt for the Try On service that enables you to try on the dresses at a fee of RM25 per dress. We will deliver the dress to your desired address to try on before picking it up the next day. This RM25 handling fee will be deducted from the dress rental fee once you have confirmed the dress. Do note that delivery charges do apply.

I can't find my size!

Fill up the ‘Can’t Find Your Size’ form and we’ll get back to you asap if we could get the dress in your size or we’ll recommend a similar dress that would fit.

What if the dress i've rented doesn't fit?

If the dress you ordered doesn’t fit, just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll try our best to find a similar dress in your size and get it delivered to you in time for your event. If you are unable to find a dress your size after payment has been done, we will refund you in Plush Porter credits which you will be able to use for future rentals.

What if the dress that i like is unavailable?

If the dress you like is unavailable, just let us know and we’ll try our best to either get that dress to you or recommend a similar dress.

Delivery & Return

How are the dresses delivered and returned?

The dresses are delivered and picked up by our chosen courier service company. We will arrange a time and place that is convenient for you to receive and return the dress.

What are the delivery charges?

Shipping across Klang Valley is RM15 on-way.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do post our dresses across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

How long will it take for the dress to arrive?

Depending on where you live, the dress can be delivered within the same day and up to 2 days from the date of rental payment. If due to some unforeseen circumstances the dress is unable to reach you within this time, we will notify you ahead of time.

Do i have to do the laundry before returning the dress?

Not at all! We will handle the laundry once we collect the dress from you. All you have to do is have fun wearing it!


What are the payment options?

We accept payment via paypal and all major credit/debit cards.

Is there SST?

We do not charge SST for our services.

Are there any additional charges?

Upon checkout, you will be charged a deposit fee equivalent to the rental fee of the dress and delivery fees.

Can i buy the dresses?

Yes, all dresses are available for sale. Do ask our sales personnel if you are interested to buy any of the dresses.

Damage or Lost

What if the dress is damaged?

All dresses are inspected thoroughly to ensure it is in good condition before being rented out. We understand that some minor stains and minor tear are unavoidable. For more serious damages that require fixing, the cost of repair will be deducted from the deposit of the dress. If the dress is damaged beyond repair, the retail price of the dress will be charged to the renter.

What if the dress is lost?

The dress is under the responsibility of the renter until it is returned. If the dress is lost under the custody of the renter, a penalty fee of 150% of the retail price of the dress will be charged.